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Broadway Tar Surfaces

Excellence In Construction Since 2011

About Us

Broadway Tar Surfaces provides a wide range of Tar, Paving adnd Civil Construction services to clients across the entire South Africa. For Clients who value time and quality, we deliver services that are efficient, within budget and of the utmost quality.

How We Build

At Broadway Tar Surfaces, Construction is our passion. We undertake every project with a true love of what we do to make our Customers’ vision a reality.

Seamless Customer On-boarding

We are always happy to respond to all enquiries, from understanding what our clients need done to the provision of quotations. Our communication channels are always open for support.

Inspection and Survey

Upon acceptance of the price estimate, we always conduct a pre-construction survey at the site. This allows for more accurate pricing and time projections

Safety is Key

During and after completion of the job, we always make sure our sites are safe for both our personel and the public. To top it all off, we will leave you with a reference for following up on your warranty!

What We Offer

Asphalt Surfacing

Asphalt Paving

Road Surfacing

Earth Works

Tar Rejuvenation

Sidewalks/ Pavements

Slurry Seal

Kerb Lowering

Gravel Roads

Brick Paving contractors

Road Surfacing

Driveway Repairs

Tar Surfaces

Tar Paving

Tar Driveways


Parking Areas

Entrance Roads

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Why Choose us

The director of our company has over 15 years experience in construction, specifically tar surfacing and roadworks. Together with our team of qualified civil engineers and surveyors we have nurtured a synergy that has brought us to over a thousand projects from a few hundred clients. With a 99.9% success rate on all our projects and a portfolio to show for it; our happy clients are what drives us!

After completion of a project, you become a long time TarCon client, this means we will still pick your call and give you first preference should you have any concerns with your current project.

We partner with giants in the construction industry, these partnerships give us access to industry leading technology. This means we always have suitable machinery for any size job. Our employees always work with well maintained machinery with trained personel which all work together in providing the best quality possible on the job.

Safety has always been and will continue to be the centre of all our operations, safety on the job for all persons. Our team is always concious not only to their personal and team safety but that the site and its surroundings is also safe for 3rd parties and the public

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